Civil law

Besides our specialisation in property law, we also have expertise in other branches of civil law, such as the following, for example:

Personal, family and inheritance law

Guidance and preparation of documents and certificates involving the following:

  • Nationality
  • Legal capacity
  • Tutelage
  • Declaration of missing person or death.
  • Prenuptial agreements, separations, divorces and annulments.
  • Matters involving filiation, adoption and parent-child relationships.
  • Inheritances, wills and the distribution of estates.
  • Advisory and drafting of projects, studies and documents involving professional partnerships.
Representation before the courts
  • Defence in any kind of proceedings, including investigative and summary procedures.
  • Filing of civil, commercial or mortgage lawsuits as plaintiff or defendant.
  • Request for a preliminary inquest and provisional remedies.
  • Resolution of disputes through a legal, contractual or arbitral settlement.
  • Recognition and execution of the rulings of foreign courts.
  • Monitoring and assistance in legal proceedings involving international jurisdictions.
Property law

At Bufete Megías Abogados we are consummate experts in property law. For more information, please visit our specific section on property law.

The latest in civil law

UK’s international, national, regional and local Brexit preparations

Preparations in the Uk The UK revenue authority, HMRC, has written to 145,000 VAT-registered businesses detailing transitional simplified procedures (TSP) for importing goods from the EU into the UK, which will come into effect if the UK leaves the EU without a deal,...

Spain plans for the consequences of Brexit

The Spanish Cabinet has submitted a report on plans for a no-deal exit of the UK from the EU, with a package of legislative and logistical measures and messages for citizens. The United Kingdom gave formal notice on 29 March 2017 of its intention to leave the EU. The...

Fee for the arrangement of a mortgage loan dismissed as unfair

The court of first instance no. 6 in OVIEDO, in its Ruling 369/2017, of 4 October, has dismissed as unfair the clause in a mortgage loan agreement that requires the borrower to pay an arrangement fee, thereby declaring it inapplicable. The contested clause establishes...

The legal scenario after Brexit

Bufete Megías Abogados provides legal advice on Brexit and its possible repercussions for UK nationals living or working in Spain, as well as for UK companies with business interests in our country. To do so, we have a team that specialises in international law, with...

Golden Visa: living in Spain as an investment

Following the passing of Spain’s Law on Entrepreneurs (Law 14/2013, of 27 September, in support of entrepreneurs and their internationalisation) those foreign nationals that propose to come and live in Spain, or who are already residing here, will now have easier...

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