Regulatory compliance is becoming increasingly necessary in all companies, as they can now be held criminally responsible for any offences their employees or managers may commit, with serious reputational and financial ramifications for organisations, which may go as far as putting them out of business.

Drawing up a comprehensive compliance programme

Our law firm can help you to draw up a comprehensive compliance programme, based on three main pillars: preventiondetection and correction. This means that Bufete Megías Abogados is in a position to proceed as follows:

  • Assess the risk that an offence may be committed in your organisation, estimating its probability and impact, and drawing up a risk map.
  • Study the controls or measures that need to be adopted to mitigate risk, overseeing the map of risks-controls.
  • Open up a channel for whistle-blowers for reporting any irregularities that may be committed in the company.
  • Brief and instruct employees and managers in all matters related to compliance.

At Bufete Megías we also defend our clients in court in the event that a possible offence may have been committed. If you have any questions, please ask our experts through the form that you can access here.