Labour law

We provide guidance on labour matters both for companies’ everyday business, and for those special operationstransactions or situations that may affect the mainstream activities of organisations, public administrations and employees.

The following areas are the ones we are most commonly involved in:

Human Resources and hiring

Our specialist team is ready to advise you on workforce planning, as well as on the legal system of hiring, subsidised contracts or the suspension or termination of contracts. In addition, it supports decision-making regarding recruitments made within the Special Regime for top management.

Remuneration systems

In order to identify the best option in terms of taxation and social security contributions, both for the company and for the employee, our team will help to design the salary package, both for managers and for employees.

Collective wage bargaining and labour relations

As a key part of our firm’s comprehensive and multidisciplinary service, the Labour department at Bufete Megías liaises closely with the HR staff in our clients’ companies, providing solutions in matters of labour and union affairs that have an impact on the company’s daily routine and on strategic situations involving the planning of labour and union relations.

Decentralised manufacturing

We advise organisations on matters of decentralised manufacturing, the conveyance of branches of activity, subcontracting and the legal secondment of employees, whereby they are undertaken in a manner pursuant to the law.

Social Security

Advice for companies and employees on Social Security membership, registrations, deregistration and contributions.

Health & Safety at work

Our team will oversee the management of workplace health and safety. This involves analysing and assessing the company’s current situation, with a final report including the recommendations and actions required for complying with health and safety regulations. The following are some of the aspects analysed within the company:

    • Identification of workplace risks and their assessment.
    • Planning of prevention, and subsequent monitoring of corrective measures.
    • Briefing and training the workforce in matters of health and safety at work.
    • Monitoring employees’ health.

In the event of the launch of a sanctioning procedure, we provide legal assistance throughout the entire process.

Labour inspections

Our labour advisers will undertake to reduce the risks in the event of a labour inspection. Good planning and the right advice can mean the inspection will conclude without any kind of sanction, or with the lowest penalties and minimum damage to the company’s image.

Due diligence and labour audit

Our aim is to assess business risk, analysing compliance with socio-employment legislation. We provide a global perspective that can be used to decide upon those actions taken to mitigate risk.


We provide training plans, thanks to which participants will discover their resources and potential, whereby they can be used to maximise their company’s performance.

Labour courts and tribunals

Arbitration and out-of-court settlements. Legal representation in the judicial and administrative proceedings prior to a dismissal. Representation of the company in disputes with employees. Collective disputes of employees or their unions with the competent bodies.

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