Representation before the courts

The following are the areas of legal defence in which the team at Bufete Megías Abogados assists its clients:

Civil order
  • Defence in any kind of proceedings, including investigative and summary procedures.
  • Filing of civil, commercial or mortgage lawsuits as plaintiff or defendant.
  • Request for a preliminary inquest and provisional remedies.
  • Resolution of disputes through a legal, contractual or arbitral settlement.
  • Recognition and execution of the rulings of foreign courts.
  • Monitoring and assistance in legal proceedings involving international jurisdictions.
Criminal order
  • Defence in criminal proceedings and filing of lawsuits, including offences within the field of economic and financial criminal law.
  • Criminal due diligence (risk assessment) involving possible corporate offences.
  • White-collar crime.
Administrative order

Legal representation in all official administrative appeals at any jurisdictional level.

Corporate order
  • Arbitration and out-of-court settlement of disputes.
  • Legal representation in the judicial and administrative proceedings prior to a dismissal.
  • Representation of the company in disputes with employees.
  • Collective disputes of employees or their unions with the competent bodies.
  • Preparation and drafting of arbitration clauses and agreements.
  • Participation in arbitration proceedings.

The latest in procedural law

The withdrawal of consular powers cannot be contested before the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court, through a judgement of Section One of the Court of Administrative Proceedings, has ruled that it lacks the jurisdiction to reach a decision on the appeal lodged by the former Latvian consul in Spain, against the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s note...

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