Technology and data protection

Bufete Megías Abogados supports its clients within the sphere of New technologies and Data Protection, and specifically within the following areas:

Law on e-commerce, ICTs and Internet:

Digital signature and certification policies. E-invoicing, as well as policies on compliance with tax legislation. Contracts on software development, licencing and support.

Personal Data Protection:

Prior internal audit for verifying compliance with current legislation, and proposal of corrective measures. Drafting of the mandatory security document and other steps required for the lawful gathering of personal data. Recording and modification of private files with personal data in the General Register of Spain’s Data Protection Agency [Registro General de la Agencia Española de Protección de Datos] and the corresponding agencies of the autonomous communities or regions for files of a public nature. Audits on the protection of data in documentary or automated files with medium and high levels of security.

The latest in property law

Facebook, Twitter and Google amend their terms and conditions of service to comply with EU regulations

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have announced they are to proceed to amend their terms and conditions of service to bring them in line with EU regulations on consumer protection and guarantee the quick and easy removal of illegal content, whenever they are requested to...

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