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At Bufete Megías Abogados we specialise in Property Law. Our clients range from companies in the development and building sector through to private individuals seeking to buy a property with complete peace of mind and full guarantees.

The following are some of the services we provide:

Purchase of property
In each conveyance process, our team conducts a thorough study of the property’s legal situation. This means the buyer knows for certain that the property is free of encumbrances and fully complies with urban planning regulations. We support our clients from the arrangement of the downpayment or deposit agreement through to the recording of the deeds in the Property Register.
Purchase of property off-plan
Informed by our protracted track record, we draw up the purchase contract with the utmost safeguards, ensuring the delivery of the guarantee provided for by Spain’s Law 57/1968.
Sale of property
We represent property vendors throughout the entire conveyance process. Furthermore, we calculate the taxes to be paid by the vendor, such as Capital Gains and Assets Guarantee.
Property rentals
We advise tenants and property owners on the rental of properties, and we draw up rental contracts that provide the maximum legal guarantees.
Mortgage Guarantee
We assemble the required documents for submitting a mortgage application, and we negotiate with the banks to secure the most favourable terms for each client.
Advice on Urban Regulations
Prior to the purchase of the property, our team of experts conducts a study of the property’s legal status in order to avoid any future inconveniences.
We provide support in the arrangement of owners’ associations and the drawing up of deeds for partitioning condominiums.
We advise developers and builders on the drafting of contracts and the legal guarantees required in each project.
Golden Visa
Spain grants a Golden Visa –residency permit- to non-EU citizens on the condition they buy a property in Spain for at least €500,000 without burdens or encumbrances.

At Bufete Megías Abogados, we provide our clients with a complete service as from their first visit to Spain for the purchase of a property through to their application for a Golden Visa. We also undertake the proper procedures with Spanish banks to ensure an account is opened in Spain for all the transactions related to the property purchased.

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